the vault innovation academy (via)

The Vault Innovation Academy (VIA) is a research and teaching institution focused on innovation, technologies and startups. The academy combines cutting-edge innovation research and an evolving curriculum with field-tested innovation techniques for business growth and transformation. Our mission is to train innovation leaders at startups, corporations, universities and non-profits.


We've developed a brand new series on innovation. Under the direction of its Dean, Bill O'Connor, and based on the "Innovation Genome Project" he has developed, VIA is primarily focused on three substantive areas of exploration:

  • Real Innovation 
  • Emerging Technologies 
  • Successful Startups 

VIA features research, insights, and techniques from three specific research projects:

  • The Autodesk Innovation Genome Project 
  • The Nobel Laureate Innovation Project 
  • The Silicon Valley Startup Innovation Project 

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