Angel Accelerator: Start-ups

As a start-up leader you know that too often interactions with angel investors are limited to short three minute pitches and handing over documentation about products or services. It's impossible to convey the depth of your offering and form a meaningful relationship with investors in that amount of time. Angel Accelerator brings investors and start-ups together for a span of several days over 3 - 6 weeks. During this time we'll train the new angel investors in evaluating start-ups, and take the early stage companies through an evaluation process that results in a substantial investment in one or more start-ups.

Angel Accelerator programs are now in planning for several U.S. cities, and regions in Europe and Asia. If you're interested in bringing your start-up to Angel Accelerator, let us know by filling in the form below. To qualify, you must be an early-stage startup at seed fundraising levels, and willing to spend up to 6 days with investors in one of the Angel Accelerator locations over the course of the program.


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