Angel Accelerator: Investors

If you've often thought about investing in startups, but never took the first step, Angel Accelerator is the perfect program for you. The Vault brings together a group of up to 20 investors in your region who collaborate to form a private investment fund. During the course of the 3 - 6 week program Angel Accelerator gives you the necessary tools and experience to evaluate startups, and matches your group up with up to 15 startups competing for investment. At the end of the program one or more startups get funded, and you become one of the shareholders.

Our six-week program is designed for busy business professionals that prefer a hands-on, case-based approach to learning. Participants will be exposed to the essentials of early-stage company investment, through a practical, hands-on approach that features interaction with the relevant stakeholders: startups, investors, strategic partners and so on. You will also have a chance to network with key Silicon Valley stakeholders and continue developing your local network.

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