Angel Accelerator

An introductory angel investor Program at the Vault

Participation in tech investment has historically been limited to the wealthy, but recent regulatory changes mean that people from the wider economy can now join in. Our Angel Accelerator trains participants in the necessary aspects of assessing early-stage ventures and lets them participate in a hands-on assessment, due diligence and investment process. At the end of the program, you will be an experienced angel investor and will have a stake in one or more start-ups, ready to help them grow and prosper.

What is Angel Accelerator?

  • It's a training program that teaches angel investing to first-time investors. Participating start-ups compete to win funding.
  • The program is highly interactive between investors and start-ups.
  • Angel Accelerator creates new investor communities that continue to energize local early stage companies.
  • The duration of the program is 3-6 weeks. At the end of the program money is awarded to one or more companies and the new angel investors become limited partners in a venture fund.


  • Up to 20 investors per program join and contribute up to $10,000 USD/Euro each to an investment pool, and pay a tuition fee for participating in the program.
  • Investors get 30 hours of instruction in angel investing related topics combined with extensive interaction with start-ups.
  • Start-ups apply to join the competition and go through elimination rounds to arrive at the Final 5.
  • During the competition, angel investors get to know the start-ups’ products/services, as well as the people running the companies.
  • The program culminates in a due diligence process and awards money to the winning company/companies.

Why Participate?

Angel Investors

  • Learn start-up investing from experts and gain experience by actually going through an investment process.

  • Own equity in a start-up and become a limited partner in a fund.

  • Make meaningful connections with other investors, start-up founders and Silicon Valley experts

  • Be a part of a start-up’s growth journey from an early stage.


  • Compete for investment from the angel investor group.

  • Make connections with investors, Silicon Valley experts and other startup founders.

  • Be a part of The Vault’s Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Build an angel investing training business with The Vault

  • Become a driver of innovation and economic activity in your community

  • Make connections with investors and start-ups in your community and beyond

  • Become part of The Vault’s global community and collaborate on future programs and services.